1. Crayon Painting Melt crayons and use them like paint for a quick and funky way to experiment with an old favorite art material.

2. Magnetic Sculptures Have fun making magnetic sculptures using magnets, nut, and bolts!

3. Mosaic Magnets Download and print our free template, stick it to a magnetic sheet, cut and you have your very own DIY magnetic mosaic set.

4. Clay Block Structures Use clay as the “mortar” to make wood block and clay sculptures.

5. Clay Decorated Birdhouses Use $1 wood birdhouses as a base for decorating with colorful clay.

 6. Clay Resist  Another novel use of clay, use it to make resist art.

7. Tin Art  Recycle pie tins and make some Mexican inspired Embossed Tin Art.

8. Wire Sculpture Super simple and colorful wire and bead sculptures for kids to make. Fun project to explore line and space.

9. Styrofoam Patterns Easy art activity that uses nothing more than recycled Styrofoam trays, watercolors and eye droppers! Discover the patterns in everyday objects.