Making jewelry can be daunting but also creatively rewarding.  Antique pieces are all the rave, but they’re expensive to buy and can be impossible to fix.  Nothing claims style more than a unique piece of jewelry, and often the best way to achieve this is to make it yourself.  But where to begin?  To make jewelry, you must have the required set of tools.


Some of the basic tools a beginning jewelry maker needs might be found with a simple scan through the garage.  Round nose pliers are an essential, as well as a necessity around the household, so locating a pair of those shouldn’t be too difficult.  However for other tools and supplies such as a flush cutter (pair of pliers with a diagonal cut intended for cutting wire, these too might be easily found in a tool box), chain nose pliers (these pliers are specific to jewelry making, and are used to make loops in wire), an acrylic jig (a wire form jig with removable pegs used to make patterns for wire curvature), and free time.


Depending on which type of jewelry creation you may want to make: necklaces, ear rings, rings, or broaches, additional tools might also be helpful, as well as required.  With rings, for example, a ring sizer/bender, ring clamp, ring cutter, and ring mandrels are tools vital for a successful outcome.  Then the fun part, adorning the jewelry with beads in different colors and sizes.


Jewelry making tools have other functions also, which includes self-jewelry repair.  Some fixes are simple enough to do at home, and the do-it-yourself-approach as alwaysArticle Submission, is another fantastic way to save money as well as time.